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Hi 2,
I'm very surprised that your doctor said you could take NSAIDs. Most doctors don't want you taking them until you're fused, as it could interfere with the fusion process. May I ask why you want to take it? Would Tylenol do just as well? Really, I would avoid it if at all possible.

As far as driving, if you can manage it, great. Some doctors are fine with driving as soon as 2 weeks. Mine said to wait until 6 weeks, but even at that point, it was really hard to endure it. Just be careful. It's easy to twist without realizing it, as you need to check over your shoulder to change lanes, etc., and may go too far just out of habit. You don't want to twist while you're trying to fuse.

You sound good! Stay away from your wife, though. (Sorry!) You don't need to get sick while you're recovering.

If you must return to work, take all your supplies with you -- grabber, heating pad, meds, ice packs, etc. Some people have gone back to work within weeks out of necessity, but they've not been happy campers. Best to be camping out on your sofa if you can! :)

Take care,