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I appreciate the support and words of wisdom...I don't have an endless supply but I do have connections and can get it pretty often. I don't really know what to do at this point. I go from wanting to be free of it to feeling like it's not that bad. I never take more than the amount allowed per day due to the threat of liver problems due to the tylenol. But if it were not for that I am sure I would exceed any amount. I know about sobriety and have been free from alcohol for like a said quite a while. I never want to take another drink but I am sure that this road will likely lead me back to it. I will continue to share here as I feel safe and it helps to reveal the secret atleast to someone. Nobody knows about this in my life except the people I get the vic's from....old "friends" from my former days out there partying. I want to stop before I hit a major bottom which is what happened when I finally quit the booze and other drugs years ago. I only go to the doctor every few months as not to alarm him. I am an addict and know how to play the game..not a good thing. I guess I could say that today I am not ready to stop as I have no intention of flushing them. I pray for guidance but then I take back my will and do it anyway. I am in trouble and I know it. I will keep in touch through this site and hopefully I can detox again and stay stopped. It is a lot harder to get sober than it is to stay sober...I know this but it still isn't stopping me. I am an addict and I know it. The problem is that as long as I feel like I am managing things my addiction tells me it's ok to keep it up. Thank you for your support and hopefully one day my thick head will be penetrated by your good and honest suggestions.
Hi Improv, my PM prescribed Oxy IR, which has no Tylenol in it, so I don't have to worry about further liver damage (already have Hep-C) -- isn't that great? I am tapering now and hope that I can stick to it. I have a legitimate pain condition and have tried to rationalize that I have a legitimate need for pain meds. However, I've had to steadily increase the dose over the years just to get that little initial buzz, which was part of the reason I didn't like Oxycontin (taken as directed, you don't get the buzz). Anyway, now I need the Oxys just to function on a daily basis....and I have the same concerns that Baja mentioned -- worrying about having enough with me, getting hot flashes while I'm out and running in the bathroom to quick take my dose, but they're just getting ever more frequent....and really not helping the pain anyway.

I just counted out the rest of my supply and I don't think I have enough to finish the taper. So the dilemma will be whether to tell my doc at the next appt, so he only gives me a small supply.....or not saying anything and getting the usual 120....just in case. I hope I have the fortitude to be honest with him. Good luck with whatever you decide. I find the support on this board to be invaluable.