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Does anybody consider Tylenol to be abusive or addicting?
Smith --thanks for coming. The first thing you MUST understand is that Tylenol is what kills people that are addicted to opiates. It usually not the opiates. Only 4000mg of Tylenol is toxic to your liver and can be instantly deadly. Please tell us more. Tylenol itself has no addictive personalities, but its dealy co-partners do (hydrocodone, percocet, etc). Let us know more

Well I'm a recovering addict and alcoholic and I recently took Tylenol for pain relief. Reading Wikipedia it seems Naproxine is the safest of Aceteminophen, Ibuprophen, and Naproxine, but I'm unaware of the long term problems associated with them, such as contributions to heart attacks. I'm talking about the health problems associated with the drug, but I'm also concerned with the addiction potential. As an example, Dextromethorphan or cough medicine isn't physically addicting, but it can be mentally addicting and most definitely abusive. So I come here seeking not only interactions with the medications, but information about the mental addictions that may occur.