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Hi, I just woke up right now and am unable to fall asleep due to unbareable throat pain when I swallow. I took some tylenol and that seemed to help and I'm drinking lots of water. I've been sick for about 3 days now (the throat pain was just in the past 3 hours). I almost left work on Saturday because of a slight fever, pounding headaches and body aches. The body aches stayed for sunday, left monday; same with the fever. Since its 4:30 in the morning I can't exactly have somone take a look at my throat for me, I tried but cant seem to get a good look. Along with the throat pain, my neck is also quite sore, more specifically my lymph nodes. Now I've been dealing with a runny nose, and my throat was pretty sore on saturday, but nowhere -near- this bad.

I also tend to create symptoms in my head, I worry quite a bit. I don't have insurance so I was also wondering how much an average doctors visit/diagnosis/perscription cost me. Any input is apreciated.

Edit: Infact, yesterday (Monday), I felt almost 90% better. My fever was almost gone, nothing ached but my neck, and I even ate some food that I probobly shouldn't have if I had a sore throat and even weaker stomach than usual.

Only reason I'm posting is because of the complications of strep throad. heart complications, mental complications.