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Thanks alot..........last month this dr cancelled an appt, he is only there certain saturdays. I went thru 5 days of withdrawl. Im kind of sensitive.......so it was pretty darn hard (if I had known I would have become pregnant I wouldn't have went in and got another script).

I was nauseated, anxious, diarehea, and omg did I ache........I do have fibro so that could have been part of it. Hopefully it wont last longer than 5 days, Im not sure how long it will affect me.

I wanted to do it the safest way, but we will see tomorrow if he is gonna do anything. Like I said, I know how he is and im pretty sure he's gonna say "your not getting anymore".

Im going to ask if I can have Tylenol 3's to help me thru this all........I hear this is safe.

I did it once........and if my little one is truely meant to be then he/she will survive without a scratch :) I also feel its better to do it sooner than later since it is so early!

Wish me luck! If I can I will keep you all posted at least once a day. I just wish there was something to help me sleep........I always got real sick with the other 3 kids when I first got pregnant, flu like......so this will be almost the same just a tad worse.