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I never thought I would have surgery. When I was injured 2 1/2 years ago at work I had pt, one epidural, more pt and then was sent to a surgeon to get my denial for a second epidural overturned. I was surprised when he said I needed surgery. Workmanscomp jerked me around for another year. In the meantime the pain down my legs was becoming difficult to deal with. At night my feet would burn.Other times the tingling was horrible. What made me finally go ahead when I received the approval was an article I read in the newspaper that one of the biggest reasons people are in nursing homes is because of a fall due to leg numbness. I have osteroporosis and didn't like the idea of falling.
I am now 2 weeks post op. Right now I am glad I did it. My legs are alive again. Sometimes I get shocks, or stabbing pains but I am sure the nerves are aggravated. I did not have a fusion or any hardware. I am still going to have to deal with the arthritis and I am having that pain in my lower right back. I am just going to have to live with that. I haven't taken any tylenol now for almost a week. Anyway, that is why I went ahead with the surgery