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Hello LAF ~

....A friend reminded me today that for OVER a year I was hardly using any muscles and our bodies were so used to responding to the PAIN....that you now need to re-train every muscle...

These are wise words that I need to remember...and to remind myself of every time I start grumbling about being stiff or in pain!

I decided to start acupuncture to see if it will help with the stiffness. The alternative is taking Tylenol by the handsful. :( I will start on Friday. I'll let you know if it makes any difference. To me it is all a bit of voo doo, but it has been helpful in the past. My daughter graduated from college in May, when I was in bad shape. She worked on me like crazy so I was able to withstand the car ride half-way across the country, entertain our family members in the house I had rented, and was able to attend all the activities. I survived, and actually was able to enjoy the event. Then I came home and started re-interviewing surgeons!! And that took til Nov. when I finally decided on the one who did the surgery in Jan.

Well, that is more than you wanted to know...but I wanted to explain one way acupuncture had helped me!

I need to go walk. It is about to start raining any minute. Talk to you later!!

xx MM