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hi this is my first post here i normally come here and read other peoples post. well my questions are well i been takeing lortab 7.5mg with 500mg of tylenol in them for like 3 years maybe a little more at like 3 to 4 a day at 4 to 6 hours intervals. well i decided to quit cold turkey that was 10 days ago i have quit once before like a year ago for a month then went back like an idiot. but now im good and ready to never go back my daughter i decided is the only drug i ever need to make my life better. well i was wondering since i dont really rember my last withdrawal today is the start of day 10 of not takeing anything and i mean anything i havent even took an ibuprofen for the aches or head aches.. well i was wondering since alot of my aches and pains have went away not all them and i still get a nagging headache sometimes from the w/d i was wondering how much longer should this last and it would be ok if i decided to take a ibuprofen for any aches or head aches i may get now from the lingering affects of w/d i didnt take any early cause i didnt want to mask the pain at all but now i think i might take a ibuprofen when the w/d aches or head ache comes back.. sorry for the wall of text to... and i knwo im probaly crazy not takeing it but just wanted to hear what ya people had to say about it since im kinda of a hypochondriac sometimes lol well i look foward for ya replys
One thing that has really helped me recently with hydro w/d's is a product known as Robax. I'm not sure if it's sold in the USA, but I bought some OTC in Toronto. It's basically Flexiril with either ibuprofen or tylenol (depending on the "regular" or "extra strength" (ibu = extra).

It has helped my muscles stay relaxed without zorking me out, and kept my temperature constant so the blanking chills don't start. I am convinced it got me through wicked days 2-3.

Best of strength to you, friend.

Droop the half Canuck