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Hi everyone,

I have a follow-up appointment with my regular doctor this afternoon and want to ask her for some type of pain medication but I'm not sure what. In general, I usually have alot of side effects from prescription medicine, but the tylenol is just not cutting it anymore and I'm trying not to take Motrin since I have gastritis.

Does anyone know of any type of pain medication that doesn't make you feel weird? I was thinking of asking for Tylenol with Codeine?

P.S. I'm still waiting to get my period so I can have my hormone blood tests done. I just went off the pill so I'm wondering if my system is confused?

Well that stinks. My Primary care doctor won't prescribe me anything for pain. She said to keep taking the Tylenol. What part of "the Tylenol doesn't even touch my pain" didn't she get?

How frustrating :(