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At around 11:30pm last night my dd woke up screaming in pain. She was grabbing her leg/foot and said it hurt. I thought maybe she was having a Charley Horse. Then the pain moved up to her right side and then to her abdominal/pelvic area. Now it is just her abdominal/pelvic region that hurts. She was like that for about 30 min after I had given her Tylenol. After that she just slept. When she woke up this morning I asked how she was feeling and she said fine until she got out of bed. She stood up and bent over holding on ther abdominal/pelvic region. She doesnt seem to be in severe pain as last night. She is seeing her pedi today at 2pm. I was just hoping to get some feedback here that way if the dr can;t find anything I can bring it up to her. TIA.