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Thank you Reach...you are always here for whoever needs help. I, for one, appreciate that sooo much. I know I am not alone either.

You know, I was going to get off these last summer because I was so petrified about getting a drug test for a potential job. I just got my LPN license. My doctor said to be honest on my application, and more importantly, at my physical. I was and they hired me knowing that I take them. My doctor doesn't have a problem with me using them at all, in fact she said if you get to the point where you need something stronger let me know. At that point I thought well why am I going to go through the trouble of getting off them when she's willing to prescribe them and my job doesn't care? Even at that point I was only taking one and a half a day. But I have been thinking about it over the last couple of months and think I really need to do this. I don't like having this monkey on my back so to speak and...what if something were to happen to my doctor? Then I would be forced with trying to find another doctor to prescribe them. Too much hassle. For me it is not anxiety that is rough it is the achiness. I am trying tylenol when I make cuts because I thought I was getting achy from the combination of decrease in codeine AND tylenol but to be honest it doesn't do much. I already take ibuprofen..prescription nabumetone. After I am done with this I am going to try to get off that too. :)

Thanks again Reach.