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My symptoms are as follows:

stiff neck and shoulders worse in the morning, sometimes my neck feels so weak I can't hold up my head, swollen lymph nodes neck and right arm pit..sore infected throat with pus and difficulty swallowing (diagnosed with strep/tonsillitis/pharyningitis within the same month) Sore red dry right eye only, blurred vision right eye only, light sensitive right eye only, pupil dilating for days or weeks right eye only, ringing in right ear only, extreme pressure headache right side only, seeing flashing lights when sleeping, and seeing flashing lights after going from a bright light to a dark room..looks like an old projector movie the way I see the light flicker really fast, dizzy, vertigo, shortness of breath, center of chest and back pain , right side shoulder and arm and elbow pain numbness and weakness and tingling in hand and fingers..muscle twitching and cramping in my face, neck, head, right arm just started getting muscle spasms last week in right thigh above knee. I can't think or concentrate or remember from one minute to the next. A light vibration or tremor through my arms, legs, chest, ankles, wrist. I have difficulty driving because I get dizzy, and same thing when watching TV like the pictures are moving too fast for my eyes, I have been told I am slurring my words which I don't even realize. I keep feeling this pulsing in and around my right eye and I can see it in bright light. I have an appointment with a neurologist on April 30th and I have been waiting since March 20th. I have been to my regular doctor numerous times since the 20th for my stiff neck, difficulty swallowing and sore throats and he still hasn't told me anything about my MRI results..he gives me antibiotics..so far I have been on zpack no help, amoxicillan, no help, now because I went to emergency on Friday because I had severe head and neck pain and stiffness and extreme difficulty in swallowing , chest and back pain and really bad chills..I showed the attending phyiscian my MRI results which I had done there at that hospital..and he said how long has this been going on and I said months he said what are you taking for pain I said extra strength tylenol so he gave me Darvocet 100, 2 to 4 times a day and Augmentin 875mg twice a day for tonsillitis/pharngitis..well that was Friday and today is Tues. and my throat is a little better but still hurts and so does my back and chest and I can't take the Darvocet because it made me feel like I had an elephant on my chest. I have been progressively getting worse since November 2007.