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Hi guys, I made it to day 8 and I am so proud. However, The last few days I have had horrible mouth pain. I took so much advil and tylenol which did not work at all. I went to the dentist today and I have a horrible infection in my mouth. My gums are so swollen that you can barely see my teeth. Well, he was going to prescribe me 30 vicoden but I asked if I could have less and explained that I have an opiate addiction and asked if there was anything else he could give me and he said with this kind of pain nothing non-narcotic will help. So I had to take 1 vicoden today so far and I really did not wnat to but the pain is so bad. Why did I have to get this when I decided to quit. Anyway, I gave my husband the bottle and he will be passing them out to me as needed and when I need them no longer they are down the toilet. I am just so disappointed that I have to take them ya know. Hope everyone is doing good... Lindsay]