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I was pregnant with spondylolisthesis. Although it wasn't diagnosed until after delivery when they could do an EMG. I am assuming you are looking for advice on how to cope? I can tell you what worked for me but at the same time know that I was in a lot of pain through out my pregnancy. I found a few things that made it more manageable. Of course your spine becomes more unstable during pregnancy beacuse the hormones cause your muscles to relax. I did physiotherapy to maintain some muscle tone in my stomach to help with spine stability. They also showed me stretches to relieve some of the pressure off my spine. I wore a Bella Band (support garment) 24 hours a day. I was really careful about my weight gain. The last 2 months were the worst, particularily at night. I spent many nights on my hands and kness on the floor sleeping just to take the pressure off my back. After a long discussion with my OB I started to take Tylenol PM to help ease pain and help me sleep. This was a last resort and I absolutely hated doing it. Finally after enduring the 36 weeks I was induced on my due date. I felt much better after delivery, probably because of the epidural but my back pain returned.
So I guess my advice is it may be painful but the baby is worth it (for me anyways)
Wear a support garment
Go to physiotherapy
Talk to your OB about pain management
Stay in as much shape as possible

Hope this helps!