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first of all,i would just LOVE to meet all these people who were able to return to work and actually be 'normal" again after getting this actual Dx?? is she crazy here or what? that HAS to be an outright lie to you or these people definitely do not have full blown RSD but something else. depending upon the stages when this gets dxed(most cases can take sometimes years just for the patient to even be believed)you can get this to remit to a certain degree but that IS the exeption and definitely not the rule ya know? RSD is simply one of the most painful and hardest to treat/control conditons. it is not "just' a type of pain syndrome alone it also affects many different things in our bodies as well. and then there is the sympathetic damage that triggered it to have to deal with. whatever the SNS actually governs can also become affected.

the fact that you had such a great response to that stellate just gave you your actual Dx of a sympathetically generated pain syndrome. one of the reasons that the skin color gets better with some is that the block actually increases bloodflow back into the affected area again. becasue there IS some level of vasomotor(constriction and dilation of blood vessels is also controlled by the sympathetic) malfunction that comes along for the ride with this condition,that is what can cause the really insane skin crap to occur in our affected limbs. isn't just crazy in what that block can do tho? getting a series of these in some people,espescially when caught early on in the course can in some cases cause this to remit itself sometimes too,but that is highly individual. my second block,painwise was not even close to as bad as my first one was that just caused like my whole freaking leg to explode for like six days. this last one went much better,thank god. i didn;t know what the heck to expect after that first one,ya know?

when you mentioned you had a "high tolerance' exactly what is that tolerance about,pain or narcotics? if you have not been on alot of different narcotics or even tried alot of the stronger ones there really should not be a tolerance issue with you at this point. that fent was just kind of way over the top from what you have stated as what you had tried before it,ya know? your current plan sounds much more within the norm range. i am sure this is not creating the problems that the fent did for you. the only thing you really need to watch being on any drug that also has a tylenol base is to make certain that you don't go over that max safe limit of tylenol per day. the 'normal" safe limit is 4000mgs for occasional usage but actually goes down to only 3000mgs for people who are using this on a chronic daily basis. that just is how long it can take for the chemical that actually metabolizes the drug to replenish itself. with people who are taking this daily,it just can get depleted much more quickly and can take longer to also replenish,so you just need to watch that intake. there is always short acting meds like roxicodone/oxy IR that are bascially percocet without the tylenol that are an option too depending upon how much of the hydro and tylenol you have to take in just to keep your pain down. just a suggestion for you. since this is more than likely going to be a long term situation with the pain meds,you just need to be thinking ahead to how much this will be affecting the kidneys and your liver too. anytime you don;t have to use any meds that actually contain tylenol all the better ya know?

i know what you are feeling with the losing the body you once had crap. i used to be a firefighter before all my crap happened. believe me that muscle goes very very fast that you took so long to build up. it really does suck watching your body go to hell on you. but doing the strengthening excercises really are a big help and very crucial when you can keep them going. pain alone can lead to disuse and of course the dang muscle atrophy. since RSD does also affect the bone in ways its even more important to keep them strong.

well hopefully WC will finally get it thru their heads as to how severe your situation actually is now that certain things have been better documented with the stellates? just have to see how it goes from here i guess huh? thanks for the update quiz. FB