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hey girl its time you grow up and stop whining and giving all kinds of excuses why you cant do this and cant do that.the only way to get clean is to do the things that you say you cant possibly do.this is bullcrap and you know it.get to the meetings and seek a drs help for the addiction and the ulcer in your nose that was caused by all the tylenol that you have been putting up your nose.acetamenaphen will set the nose on fire every time you snort it and it eats the lining of the nose up and i think you are in big trouble cause of it in my opinion.you have done this to yourself and now its time to get yourself out of it.if you continue to snort after what you have told us then all i can say is find a dr that does nose transplants cause you are gonna need one.yu know what needs to be done now get off yur but and go do it before its to late.good luck-spark