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Well ....everything this week changed....

I wasn't sure I really liked the first PT place I was signed on to visit today..a bit too small, almost private and the therapist was young..With further research my Mom's therapist suggested a therapist who does specialize in spines...It's a nicer facility a bit bigger too.

I'm scheduled for tomorrow at 2:30 for the evaluation and it is a male therapist. I thought I'd try this a few weeks. I can always change later.. I also liked the local hospital because they do have the water therapy, but thought I'd only be a number there. As you know it's a tough decision selecting the right place...More difficult than finding a husband..

Which leads me to my date...Today he was helping his daughter move to NYC and he was sclepping sofas and stuff..we decided to reschedule for Thursday 'cause he'd be exhausted. He's driven here the last 2 times so it's my turn to see his place. It's an hour drive from here..I plan to stop and stretch my legs half way..

The good news is I've stopped taking the Darvocet..only extra strength Tylenol...

Sorry to hear you are stiff and tight....When you are laying over the stool w/ the pillows are your legs behind you...I'm trying to figure our the position you asre in...

Anxious to tell you what they have me doing...I'm starting to stress out things about heading back to work next Monday..I work in Special Events for Greenwich Magazine...I won't be able to move a thing, I guess I'll just oreder people around..we have so many May/June events coming up....I better pace myself.

Stay well...I'll keep you posted;)