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Hi there!

The surgery ended up being moved up to June 30th, so my son underwent the circumcision 2 weeks ago today.

What an experience! My son was so brave, but it was obvious that he was nervous. In total, the surgery took less than an hour. He was totally freaked out when he came out of the anaesthetic, but it is a wierd experience so that was to be expected. When they brought me in, I had a look at his penis and noticed that it was a bit swollen, and had stitches that were covered in gauze. I thought to myself "that doesn't look so bad". Well, over the next few hours it swelled and swelled and swelled. By the time I got him home I looked again and it had swollen to like 3 times the size! It was so big and red and there was a huge, swollen lump on the underside that resembled a blood blister. There wasn't much blood, but quite a bit of fluid kind of seeping from the stitches. All of this is completely normal and to be expected. At the hospital they gave him some morphine before we left for home and a prescription for Tylenol w/ Codeine for at home. On day two, I had to remove the gauze, which had dried on to the stitches. I put him in the shower and let some warm water run down his chest on to his penis to soften the gauze, but this was definitely the worst part for him. For the first few days at home, I let him wear one of his Papa's t-shirts with no pants or underwear so he could just lay around free and comfortable. After that, we moved on to baggy sweats or shorts with no underwear. He very rarely complained of any pain (what a trooper!) but every so often I'd hear him let out a whine and I guess it's when his penis would rub against his pants. During the first week he was not allowed to have tub baths. He had a shower every second day and I tried not to get it too wet because of the dissolving stitches. After about 4 days I noticed that the swelling had gone down quite a bit, and the dark purple colour on the underside was fading too. After 1 week, the stitches had started to dissolve and he no longer needed any pain medication, but it still looked quite swollen on the underside. He went for a follow up visit at the Urologist's office after 9 days. At that point he said that everything looked great, it was healing nicely and he now wanted him to have a tub bath daily to help bring down the rest of the swelling and to soften any stitches and scabs he still had.

Two weeks later, he's a happy, healthy boy and is even excited about how his penis looks now. It amazes me how resiliant kids are; during the whole thing he barely complained and was making the best of the circumstances. He still has one large scab on the underside, and a small lump of swelling too. You can still see where the stitches were, but that will fade with time. He is also finding that the newly exposed glans is quite sensitive, especially when he first gets in to a warm bath. This too will change with time.

Before the circumcision, my son was also complaining of pain when he would get "big" or when he would try to retract his foreskin, which is why I took him to the Urologist. I'm happy we went through with the circumcision now rather than later. Apparently, the bigger the penis, the more complicated the procedure.

One thing I must stress about this procedure is that it looks way worse than it is. I was terrified because it looked so swollen and sore, but my son kept assuring me that it "doesn't hurt as bad as it looks".

Good luck with your little boy. I hope things work out the way you'd like them to.