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hi again,thanks for giving interest in my,..I guess help add.just so you know the morph; is for pleasure,well i think I need it to feel me now,so not so much pleasure anymore.I also take percocet,endocet and tylenol 3's to go with the morp;but can go without them its really the phine;thats the problem its hard to keep a good relationship with.About the doctor would that blackball me so maybe in the future if I am in pain i willnt be able to get help with the rite meds?I would like to try and wean myself off but everytime I try I get rite back to it again the sickness is bad,I have to take a daily dose if I dont watch out it gets bad.
My doc app is not until 3:45 today,and does it ever seem like a long way off.Oh I know all about the benzos I almost OD on those and alcohol when I was just starting out on narcotics very scary experience indeed.I have read the "home detox" and already have some of those products around the house,which really comes in handy.Now if I had a muscle relaxant handy like valium,do you think it would be reasonable for me to take it just to sleep,'cause i get real bad at night its like i can't stay still,bad jitters or whatever it is,they are only 5mgs and they really do work,but also not prescribed.good or bad idea?I don't really fear addiction with those because they make you to much in a stupor all time you can't function.I hope the doc can cut me to tylenol 3's instead of me taking the morp anymore,until I go to detox anyway.It's 11:00 here now and I really don't want to take anything and stay clean until the doc but I fear it may not happen,it was an early morning.Its funny though this site is the first place that i headed when I got up and not for a pill to cram up my nose,its been a long time since I wanted something this bad,thanks again for the encouragement!!
AHHH what a relief you where all rite about the doc!,I feel great but like crap to. went to the doc and he was understanding and told me that he would help as much as I would let him,not that I expected criticism,I really don't know what I was thinking,thank you for pushing me the rite way.
He put me on three percs four tylenol 3s and two 15s of morph for three or four days not sure,then they get cut to half until detox time then its up to them to decide meds for the sickness.best thing is I have to go to the clinic here in town to get the drugs rite from him every day.I am really excited,... what do I mean thats lying I am scared as heck,and not sure of my future,or where this is going to end if it will work?or not,it really is an emotional and mental rollercoaster.on weekends its up to a family member to distribute my dope...,I mean meds,think it will be my mom.I think real soon you guys and gals will be my security blanket for a while,and my doc thinks it is a very good idea for me to be around like minded individuals who have gone through this disease and won,and now I know that I can't be an antisocial person thinking no one understands or wants to help me,I knew how wrong I was as soon as I posted on this site and meet this wonderful group of people.This is far from over,tomorrow is going to be very rough, but I have help now.
P.S by the grace of God are ye saved through faith.
by the way jerry I took your advice and asked god for help I never did that before so I hope he does not hold it against me.
eldogg:very scared and unsure rite now,wondering what tomorrow will bring?.