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oh Lisa,,,thank you...I am so happy that your friend had enough meds. to keep her out of major pain. This has been a major concern for me...because of the med. I take...I was afraid that the other meds. would not kick in and help me... Dr. had said something about weaning off of the meds. at week 3...(3)...and only taking tylenol after that point...yikes...hopefully that will be possible... We shall see on that one. How soon was your friend walking..???
My daughter is clearing her schedule for July...bless her heart...so that she can help me..I told her I don't want her to have to be here every day...she has the granddaughters (13 & 10)..and it is their vacation. BUT, I will take here help..especially with bathing & washing hair...don't think I'll be able to do that alone for the first couple of weeks. Husband is going to be home for the week in the hospital...he will get a hotel room up by the hospital...and he will home the week I get home from the hospital...but after that - he may be sent off on a job.. My mom is 88...but in better shape than most of the "Board"..she'll stay & shop and do the daily stuff... I just need to get me organized! Talk to you soon!!! Hey...what type of job did you get?????? Can you get up and move about every so often???

Dear Baybreeze..Thank you so much for your support. I just don't know how I will get into the back seat of the Tahoe...don't want to use a stool...had a friend break her ankle doing that...it flipped! (good idea though!) As far as hubby lifting me....well....naw!! Poor guy would throw his poor back out..think it is one of those things that will have to be done...by inches!! May take a while....and that trash bag use seems to be the best way of getting in...kind of glide up and across the seat...at least that is what we will hope for. I won't be able to put any weight on the right leg..so this is a little problem..and sitting up...well, that is probably the same as standing...the weight all on that area. Laying seems to be the way to go with this surgery...from what I've been told. Hubby said maybe we should take my Mom's little car..to bring me home...but I can't even think of trying to stand from being so low to the ground...would rather fall from the Tahoe..(not really,,,just let gravity take it course) Will be on a walker from what I understand...and wheelchair for outings...which is what the DR. told my husband. Now I am concerned about dumb things...like in the middle of the night...I now get up and make a cup of coffee or tea...and a snack...guess those things will be a thing of the past!! Water will be my drink at that time!
See what I mean...my brain just won't stop! Oh well. Thanks for your concern & advice...I really do appreciate it.