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An important thing to take into account is the toxic effect of the acetominophen in the Vicodin. Acetominophen (tylenol) has a maximum daily safe does of 4 grams. The 7.5 Vicodin has 750 milligrams of acetominophen. If you take 10, you are getting 7.5 grams of tylenol/day. That is a very dangerous level. Even a small amount of alcohol on top of that could cause permanent liver damage.

The synthetic opiate component of Vicodin, or any of the regular opiates, are highly addictive but also very safe. One solution some folks have tried is to get on an appropriate dose of Suboxone and then taper off of that. Coming off any opiate is going to be uncomfortable, but I am really concerned about the amount of tylenol you may be taking. In my opinion, that is the most serious immediate risk.