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wow you are in the same boat as me . pretty much . well where do i begin if its the IDET procedure where they take a catherter and insert it and heat it up that is worse then the discogram . much worse imagine your back feeling as if its buring for about 7 minutes its about a 15 minute long procedure but imagine it burning and torture and the meds they give you for mild sedation heck forget those just give me tylenol thats pretty much what they are like .
good luck with whatever they are gonna do with you

the new dr i found out didnt get any of my old records so she put a diagnosis of lumbar radiaculputhy . so this should be intresting and we need to do a new mri with contrast . she wanted to do another cortisone i said NO . im not gonna let someone tell me to do something which already failed. so now i have to wait for the workers comp to approve that she said pretty much nothing she can do other then refer me to a neuro which she doesnt think it will help and im not letting them hack my back open period . i have heard too many horror stories i worked in the hospital too many years to know . also they will do a function test and also a disability rating . new restrictions are no bending no lifting wonder what kind of job i can do with that . NOTHING because even sitting in her office for 3 hours was torture on my back heck if my 6 year old wasnt around to help me when i cook it would be miserable .