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I've followed this board for several years and it's helped me TREMENDOUSLY with decisions I've made regarding treatment of chronic back pain so first and foremost thank you to all. This is my first post and I think this is the first time I really don't trust what my drs are telling me.

Last Thurs I had bilatteral epidural injections to my lumbar spine-no problems w/the right injection but I almost flew off the table w/the left because of pain & pressure. The next day I had severe nausea, headache, back/leg pain, & fever of 100. The dr put me on bedrest and 2000mg of erythromycin (along w/my norm meds including vicodin & tylenol) and I've been taking it ever since but I still have a 100 degree fever and I'm so sick to my stomach!

Yesterday I saw the doc & had an MRI for spinal infection but the results were negative, however, he said they probably punctured a nerve during the injection. He told me to go home and stay in bed for the rest of the week. I'm still experiencng the same symptoms including the fever but I can't understand why I'd still have a fever if they're basically ruling out infection?

I've had many (20+) cortisone/epidural & botox injs in the past several yrs for pain but never to my lumbar and I've never had a reaction like this so I'm concerned to say the least. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? Any advice or suggestions would be really appreciated. Thanks.
Thanks Pepper - Your understanding and advice has already helped me so much. I really do appreciate it! And please keep those prayers coming...I never underestimate the power of prayer!

The pain is so horrible: 9-10 if I walk but 7-8 when I'm laying down (which is 90% of my time). I take topomax & cymbalta daily and have for yrs now but I'm taking vicodin/tylenol, lidoderm patch, & flexeril at night. Together they make it semi-tollerable. I try to just keep my mind off of all of it. Thank God for Direct tv.

My family & friends have been WONDERFUL! Everyone's been taking good care of me and/or calling to see how I am so I am very blessed to have exceptional support. Even my therapist called today and gave me a "session" over the phone. It's funny though, the people in my life don't have the same understanding of what I'm going through than the people on this board have. I guess you have to be in the same boat to really understand.