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[QUOTE=worryinginBC;3606862]Thankyou Snowmelts. I am so hoping it is not arthritis because, like you said, it is forever. A few questions about arthritis. Does it hurt most of the time?

YES. Depending on your defination of "hurts" of course. I've had it a year now.
There are good days and monster days but never a day of "forgot I had it"

[QUOTE=worryinginBC;3606862]A dull ache?
Good day = dull ache, Someone is holding the front of my foot and another arm is holding the back and they are twisting my foot in opposite directions.. like they were wringing out a towel.

[QUOTE=worryinginBC;3606862]Is the skin around the area tender to touch softly like it would be with a scrap? Not on a good day. But that's actually hard for me to answer since I also have Pheriphail Neuropathy (PN) unrelated to my arthritis in my feet and legs. The PN makes my skin itself tingle so I can't tell if the skin reacts to arthritis or not, but I don't think it does when the foot is not swollen and red

[QUOTE=worryinginBC;3606862]Does the pain radiate somewhat?
Radiates burning pain up my ankle and out to my toes too!

[QUOTE=worryinginBC;3606862]Does overuse make it worse?

[QUOTE=worryinginBC;3606862]When I actually use it, it is not bad. But when I am done for the day, it hurts then. Right, always bothers me worse after useing it

[QUOTE=worryinginBC;3606862]I have not noticed if the weather affects it.cold bothers mine badly

[QUOTE=worryinginBC;3606862] Is it common to get it the same two bones in each foot?
I don't know what is common to the general arthritis suffer.
Mine is in both feet around the bones that are in the mid foot basicaly above the arch. I also have heel bone spurs as a fringe benifit.

[QUOTE=worryinginBC;3606862]I have arthritis in one finger and it feels nothing like my feet. My left is much worse than my right.
My left foot is worse than my right.
When it's being a bad monster it's swollen hugely, a sore intenal burning feeling and it gets inflamed red looking and I cannot put weight on it.

Tramadol pain pills are wonderful at getting rid of that pain for me, but they make me very sleepy so I take one at night before bed on the very worse days. Sometimes I only take half of a pill and other times I use a Tylenol Arthritis instead.

I find a cold pack for 20 min (with a towel between my skin and the cold pack) helps reduce the swelling and reduces the burning feeling.

I also have arthritis up my entire spine and both knees.
The foot arthritis acts entirely diff than any of my other arthritis has.

There have been sporatic days when I used a cane to keep weight off that left foot. Not often but there have been days.

My Dr suggested soft gel over the counter shoe heel insets (like Dr Scholls) and told me it's best if I have lots of soft rugs to step on instead of hard floors.