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Very recently I experienced an elevated temperature over 102 off and on for three days, Tylenol several times a day brought it to a tolerable state. On the second day I presented with small amounts of dark green diarrhea several times a day. I also felt weak , severe nausea, terribly aching in my joints and had a horrific headache but Tylenol would help. On the second day when I would move around even slightly I would hear this repeating swooshing almost like hearing a slow ceiling fan turning in the back ground. I have improved, still have malaise and still have the swooshing without headache and it has been three days since the onset of this symptom...It is not coming from my ears. I don't go back to my doctor until a couple of weeks. I am a moderatly healthy 49 year old 2 and 1/2 years post menopausel without any signficant symptoms
Should I be concerned with the swooshing symptom.