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My husband retired a month before my surgery. Thank goodness as he worked 12 hour shifts. I was in the hospital for 4 days. Workmanscomp wouldn't pay for any devices to help me, yet I was told not to bend over. I needed my hubby to help me put on socks and my sweat pants. Yea, elastic pants and tshirts. I laid in bed most of the first week and he made the meals and served them. I was just so sleepy and weak. I used a walker the first day home, then after that I shuffled around on my own. Thankfully, we have a one story house and when we remodeled we raised the toilets, the counters, put handicap rails in the showers etc. Hubby had hips replaced so we knew what we needed. I was only taking tylenol, but I am a big baby and don't like to be alone when I don't feel well, so I am so glad he was here.
My best suggestion right now is to practice getting up and down using your legs to make them strong. When you get up you roll on your side and use your arms to push yourself up to a sitting position. Get those arms strong now. To stand, it's the thigh muscles and they need to be able to get you up.