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I went to my doctor today to get a lump in my armpit checked out. He said that it was just a swollen sweat gland and nothing to be to concerned about.

He told me that I shouldn't use deoderiant (sp) or shave for a few days. Shaving isn't a problem because that is how I described the lump and I can just wear shirts with sleeves. The not wearing deoderiant (sp again) could be a problem. It would be different if I was just sitting at home all day, but I won't be tomorrow since it is my sister's high school graduation. Do you think it would be alright if I wore deoderiant (sp yet again) tomorrow for the graduation? I wouldn't put it on until it was time to go and I would wash it off as soon as I got home just like I did today per doctor's orders?

Also, is there anything I can do to help with the tenderness of the lump. It is right in the crease of the armpit and my armpit aches when I put my arm down. My doctor said to use warm compresses to help with the swelling. Do you think it would be alright to take tylenol? The doctor gave me an antibiotic, but he said I didn't have to fill it unless the lump got bigger, red, or didn't go away in a few days.

Do you have any baking soda on hand? You can actually make a deodorant type paste from that. Avoid putting it directly on the lump but everywhere else around your arm pit will be fine. Rub in gently until it is absorbed. Dab off the extra. It kills odors and absorbs moisture.

I would suggest taking a cotton pad or cotton ball, placing it over the lump, and then taking gauze tape over the pad or ball, and then taping it to a stable part of your arm or chest that should hold if you do not move a lot. This will keep your sleeve from rubbing on it.

Tylenol is fine to take with or without antibiotics.

Good luck and have fun at the graduation! They grow up so fast, don't they?

Lindaru ;)