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[QUOTE=tiggertoo2174;3623683]If you are allergic to anti-inflamatories you shouldn't use asper-creme(it has asprin in it), if you can't take them because they bother your stomach it would be ok. You could try any of the cremes that have menthol, or biofreeze (it's a gel and rubs in really well). Fish oil capsules can also have an anti-inflamatory effect. Heat packs can help, and although a lot of Dr's don't like to prescribe them narcotic type pain killers DO work. Perhaps your Dr would allow you to try a low dose of Ultram or Vicodan for times when the pain is really bad. I also cannot take anti-inflamatories as I am very allergic to them.

I am VERY allergic to aspirn. That's because it has salcylates (Which I can't spell) I also cannot eat any foods with salcyates.
I also have allergies to breathing menthol fumes.

However I can and do use aspercream because it is not ingested.

Fish is out, in my case, due to allergies to it.

But I'd like to suggest natural alfalfa tablets. Yes, I know it's so simple to even think it would help but it sometimes really does.
3 tablets a couple times a day can really help those knotty joints. But you have to start slow. one tablet. Then work up to two etc etc. because for some people it upsets the tummy.

Also be aware natural alfalfa contains vita K which makes it a blood thinner too.
If you find it helps and you decide on huge mega doses you should talk to your Dr first.
You should not take it if nursing or pregnant.

I knew a woman years ago that had pretty much been nearly bed ridden from her arthritis. Her Dr decided on mega doses ..I mean huge mega doses of alfalfa under his guidance...and by golly her joints got to feeling good enough to go dancing!

I don't take mega doses under any Dr's supervision . But I DO think it helps.
I do take 3 once or twice a day when my joints get overly stiff and achy... you have to take it for a few days running before you feel a diff. It's not an instant pain reliever like medication is. I think it especially helps the OA pain in my creeky knees.

BTW Natural alfalfa suppliments are very cheap.
I also take it a few days when I have "trapped intestional gas" problems. Seems to actually help me with that rather than upset my system.

Also Tylenol Arthritis does not have the same anti inflamatories that aspirin has. I can and do that that.

Prescription Tramadol is the pain med my Dr prescribes for my foot arthritis. STRONG stuff but it has no aspirin. I get 50 mg pills and used them that horrid week but on a normal day I just take Tylenol Arthritis instead. On a really bad day I take ½ a tramadol before bed (they make me sleepy). It's rare for me to use the Tramadol because I don't like that it makes me so sleepy. BUT it does a good job of killing off the pain that's for sure.

I have OA all up my spine, both knees, both feet and "possibely" one finger. I have not had the finger checked for it, it just feels like the other OA joints (that have been checked) so I just take it for granted it's got OA too.
Hi Snowmelts:

So glad I could clear that up. I live in MPLS where we have lots of snow and cold. I notice that I feel much worse when it is cold and at any temperature when the barometer goes up and down. And our air pressure is up and down like a roller coaster. I just had my right hip replaced and am getting along very well. However, my left knee hurts and I wonder when that hip will need replacing. In the meantime, taking extra strength Tylenol and that seems to take the edge off and make walking more comfortable. This getting old is for the birds. (I am almost 79.) However, my general health is excellent and I really feel lucky despite the osteo arthritis!

Shirley H.