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hi. I have 152 days clean from nearly 22 years which is half my life addicted to opiates and benzo's. While my bottom was not anything like I had heard about from others , I just woke up one day tired of feeling sick and tired. What started out ad treatment for anxiety and migraines, turned into a dollar coaster of vicodan, percodan, ultram,fioricet,Xanax,klonopin,Ativan,codeine cough medicine, and mixtures of the above. I went into rehab in march, originally to detox from the benzo'd as I detoxed myself off the opiates. Then I decided I needed the 28 days. It changed my life, and while it is much harder than I thought, it is worth it. I am on vacation in Paris at the moment, and woke up with a migraine yesterday. The chemist wanted so badly to push codeine on me, I finally got her to give me aspirin with caffeine, and it worked. I then goigled non opiate pain medecine, and wound up here. There are so few alternatives to opiates! Toradol is terrible for you I am told. It works, but can lead to renal failureand can sometimes mimic opiates in causing the trigger. What seems to work for me has been advil, Tylenol 2 and 2 for a severe pain, or zomig if I catch the migraine in time. I recently started taking topomax which is supposed to prevent migraines, so well see........ I go to meetings not daily but at least 2 x a week. I have 2 friends from rehab whom I speak with everyday, and we keep each other sober.