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Hi, Flowergirl! I have the OA in my neck and shoulders. Hubby has it in his knees and hips.

From what my doctor said, you are most likely to get OA in areas that have undergone previous injury and/or repetitive stress when you were younger. Hubby suffered several knee surgeries ending in replacement that failed. His other knee began to have arthritis from taking the brunt of weight bearing from the other one. His hips have consequently had to suffer, too, because he had to walk in a different way and has developed OA in those as well.

I have been a typist most of my working life and apparently the strain of being hunched over a typewriter or key board for computer has put repetitive stress on my shoulders and neck. I also had an injury years ago when moving an entertainment center that resulted in a pinched nerve in my left neck and shoulder which resolved after chiropractic treatment but doctor said that it would likely come back to haunt me when I am older (which it did).

Hubby is on many medications for various things but I am only on Depo-Provera shots and now in the last few years Tylenol for the OA. I am pretty sure none of mine is medication induced but rather just wear and tear from over the years.

I tried looking up the nodules you described (my father left me medical reference books when he passed on) and cannot find anything either in the medical encyclopedia or my medical dictionary. Is this a relatively new term? Does this refer to swollen joints in the fingers?

Hope I have answered some of your concerns. Sorry you are going through this. Getting old is heck, ain't it?

Lindaru ;)
Flowergirl . . . at this time I only take Tylenol and do "shoulder rolls" (yes, it makes a lot of cracking noise but what the heck) to relieve joint stiffness.

I would recommend you try a natural remedy first. Glucosamine and chondroitin were something my father was on and it seemed to help him. Those should not interfere with other health problems you have but research it to see.

Best of luck! Cracking away right with you guys!

Lindaru :)
Thank you for your advice, Linda. :)

I will try the shoulder rolls. Right now my shoulders are so sore I cannot imagine doing anything I don't have to do. It hurts too much to move my arms. Don't know what's brought this on. Perhaps it's a side effect of my meds, or just plain old muscle inflammation. It shall pass. I think I can take Tylenol, since I've been prescribed both both Tylenol 2 and Tylenol 3 (with codeine) for the hip pain and other aches & pains. It doesn't seem to work on the shoulders though and does not numb the pain.

take care,
Hi, Flowergirl . . . while glucosamine and chondroitin are taken internally, you can buy a rub on cream called Capsaiczin which is a derivative of pepper. You will need to make sure that other ingredients included with it are safe for you to take but it is mostly natural. If your Tylenol is picking and choosing which pains to work on (mine does that sometimes), this might be a good thing for you.

I would avoid that Activ-On stuff for arthritis though. Have heard that it is not likely to work (asked doctor about it and he says anyone that uses it and is getting results is experiencing a placebo effect).

Good luck and keep me posted. If I think of anything else, I will let you know.

Lindaru ;)