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Hey back buddies, I had to do it. I finally called the Dr.s office back and let them know this isn't working:( I don't know what it was before even though i had the higher dose and still suffered some it must have been better than what i'm getting now thats not working. I even tried the adding a few sparingly of the tylenol and that has had no effect so i'm not sure what the hydrocone does in this so not sure as i am still getting the 7.5. The only thing at this point that i can think of is that when i had became this bad and had to go to the ER they gave me the 7.5/750 and to take every three hours maybe that was the key in keeping the pain under control more? I just know i did alot yesterday and alot to do today and some to do tommorrow and i can't sleep most nights lately and Naproxen is making me feel sick when i take that. So we shall see what happens with Dr. I am very worried that i'm going to end up having to go to the er again due to no dr. likes prescribing crap because of the ones over the years that has ruined it for everyone else who really sufferers! I cannot do this like many i have a family large one at that my oldest son who helped the most moved out couldn't deal with helping ect. and so noone else and i have to be able to function. Thanks for any help i know you are all praying for me! One last thing can you give me question suggestions to write upo for the specilist on the 29th. I am so frustuarted that i am going to not think of it.
Love, Monkey