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[QUOTE=Wallis86;3645890]when I was 11, I had three distinct episodes of mononucleosis, exactly 10 years before the really significant disability started in my life from progressive neurological problems. Very thought provoking...

3 episodes? Wow. That's horrible. I only ever had Mono 1 time, at age 19. It knocked me on my butt for 2 weeks solid. I could get up and walk around for 30 min a day. That was it. I was otherwise bed ridden and on Tylenol 3 for the pain. I thought nothing could be worse than that pain, until I had my headache after my lumbar puncture during my MS diagnosis.
Wallis, if you ask some neuros, MS doesn't cause pain. ;)

Silly huh? Yes.

Thankfully I have a neuro who is completely understanding, thorough, and does listen and help treat the pain.

Speaking of headaches however... it's raining today, and due to the pressure change (had been beautiful and sunny all along) I have a bit of a headache. Nothing that's going to put me out of commission thankfully. Pop back a couple tylenol and cross the fingers. ;)