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Hi Roro:
I had a L4/L5 Fusion on April 29th, and they had to go back into the operating room a few days later because one of the screws were not positioned properly and I could not move my right leg. While I was in the hosp. I was on Morophine, Percecet, and Oxicotten (may not be proper spelling). I was having the most terrible sweats and chills you could imagine!! I thought I was going to go crazy. I asked the dr. what was happening, and I was told it could be the meds. Therefore, when I left the hosp. I did not fill my Percecet prescription. I took plain extra strength Tylenol. Well as you can imagine as the days went on and the meds from the hosp. left my body the pain was terrible. However, the sweats and chills stayed. I went to my family dr. and he said I could have an infection. He gave me some antibiotics. While I was on the antibiotics the daytime sweats were manageable, but still tough time with the night. However, once the antibotics were done, BAM! I was hit again with terrible, terrible 24hr sweats and chills. They lasted about 5 weeks post-surgery and then went away. All I can say, IMHO is that it may be your body's reaction to the hardware in your body or the amount anesthesia in the body. I honesty don't know, but I do know that neither my family dr. or my surgeon could not give me a definite answer. So in my experience the sweats and chills went away on their on. However I did not have a fever. I hope this has been some help to you! Take care, and I hope you are feeling better very soon.