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Hello countrywife,

Pleased to meet you. I only have one piece of advice for you. Go tell your doctor (the initial doctor that gave you your first RX) that you have this problem. Tell him/her everything - you'd be surprised how empathetic your doctor can be.

When you say 30 Oxycodone's/day, do you mean Oxycontin 10mgs or Percocet 10/325 (Oxycodone with Acetaminophen)? Its important to know which one, cause one of them could be VERY dangerous if you're taking 30 a day. Percocet has the tylenol in it, and could cause you liver damage if you're taking that much per day - I know this cause I did just as many as you at one point, and got really sick from liver counts being WAY too high.

We're here for you countrywife - there are alot of wonderful people on this board - so many with knowledge and wisdom (Reach, that one was for you ;)) so think about telling your doctor, its important that you have a taper in plan.

As for your hubby refusing to hold your pills, I can imagine why. I have a wonderful supportive husband who is standing right beside me (I'm leaving for Rehab on the 21st) - but there were times that, while I was going through withdrawal, last year (this all came out last fall) I would beg and plead to my hubby to give me more. We'd end up arguing but he "didn't" give me anymore. Thats how he was supportive :) I'm going to assume you made it hard for your hubby eh? So hard that he finally gave in but got mad and stopped wanting to help? We addicts know all the right things to say, and when there are drugs to be had, we can turn into this vicious beast. That beast is the addiction.

Well my dear, you have a choice to make...

Do you really want to stop? Do you want help to get clean?

It has to be your decision, but I strongly reccommend you go talk to your doctor, ask for help and ask for a taper plan that can be stretched out so you can avoid the violent w/d's.

Good luck, we're all here to help and to guide you along the way :)

Love and hugs,
OMG... Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. Just knowing someone cares and understands means so much. I am a complete mess this morning. I didn't sleep to much last night. I'm really doing alot of soul searching trying to find a way. I think you may be right Phoenix about my bottom. I never really looked at it that way. And yes emesmom the oxycondone are percoset 10's and I am already having a problem with extremely high liver counts. One of my new doctor's was the one that turned me into the DEA for doctor shopping because of my test results. He said the amount of percoset he was prescribing shouldn't be causing my liver enzymes to be so high. So he went digging into the system to find that I had multiple doctor's with multiple scripts. The thing is deep down I'm glad I got caught. I know I'm killing myself with all of the tylenol. I throw up alot and I have lost a ton of weight. I was only 130 to begin with and I've lost almost 25 pounds since my accident in February. No one knows that I had a seizure from the Ultram except my doctors and myself. I also suffer from extreme low blood sugars and I have told everyone that I passed out from low blood sugar. What a fraud I am hugh?? I need to wake up and get clean with myself so I can get clean with everyone else and start working on a recovery plan. It means so much to know that everyone will help and support me. I need so much help. I will keep posting and like one poster says here " when in doubt post it out" well that will be me. As you can tell I'm not a women of a few words and again I apologize for the long post. And also to Iwilldothis thank you for the kind words and prayers. I can't stop crying. I really do want a better life and a drug free one too!!!!
Hi Countrywife:

I'm sorry you've had to seek out these boards for help, but I'm glad you recognize that you indeed do need help. As emsmom said you are at terribly dangerous levels, TOXIC levels of tylenol with as much as you are/were using in a day. The max suggested use for an occassional user of tylenol is 4000mg/day, and for one that uses routinely, such as myself who is a Chronic pain patient, it is suggested that one does not exceed 2800 to 3000 mg of tylenol/day.

I do not struggle with addiction, but use this board for support, and to support others due to my life experiences with two brothers who are/were alcholics. One brother passed away in 1985, and I guess you could say he just never found his "rock bottom". Death was his rock bottom. He passed away at the age of 33. I have another brother who is presently dying at the age of 54 due to chirosis of the liver. He is currenly missing, and my family has no idea if he is even alive.

I was telling another member of this board that I am truely messed up, and currently in counseling due to all of the issues his disease has put upon our family. Mostly guilt. Guilt of having to turn our back on him, and put him out on the street because of the life choices he has made. But as a family, we have come to the decision to not "love him to death" (as they say on the show Intervention) even though that will probably be the outcome either way.

I pray that you stay strong countrywife. I will put you on my list of special folks from these healthboards. The list grows everyday. As I said to the other member, no matter how much we as family WANT our loved ones to be "well" again, that desire has to come from within you. And it's one hell of a fight. Minute by minute, second by second sometimes. No matter how much I WANT my brother to be better, if he doesn't want it, well, it's just NOT gonna happen.

You've started the long journey of recovery by acknowledging that you have a problem, and that you need help in learning to lead a sober life. I pray that you continue to WANT that sobriety for yourself. The choice is yours and only yours.

Don't beat up on yourself. You can't change what has happened, but you can certainly change what happens from this second forward. If you slip, and slide backward, instead of using it as a crutch and an excuse to use more and again, admit your mistake, try to analyze what led you to that behavior, and figure out how you can change or avoid those triggers in the future.

Gosh, countrywife, I want you to do well so badly, as well as all of the other newbies who are just starting on their journey to sobriety....and if that's all it took, then success is definitely in the cards for you ALL....however, if it were that simple, then addiction would not even be an issue for any person out there. So know that this is going to take work....and be ready to assume whatever responsiblities it takes to get you back to the most "healthy" person you can be.

I'm really rooting for you, and all the other newbies out there that are embarking on this journey.

Much luck, take care, and please, PLEASE keep posting. Many of the folks on this board have been in your shoes, and have so much to offer you in the way of guidance, support and unconditional love.

Sorry this response was so long! :eek:

Blessings & Prayers
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