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My brother is a crack addict/alcoholic. He's a long story. But my sister is an even longer story. To make it short, I have always wondered if she is a drug addict too and recent events are making that very obvious. She had a baby 3 months ago and she and baby both tested positive for cocaine. Needless to say DHR is involved now with a supervision safety plan for the child including my sis being randomly screened for drugs. Okay....my sis's story as to why she and baby tested positive is because on a Sunday she had a headache. She happened to be in my brother's room and she took a Tylenol out of a Tylenol bottle that was in his room for her headache. Her excuse for her positive test is that brother must have had crack in that bottle at some point and there was reside on the Tylenol. On that Thursday she had the baby (1 month premature, positive for cocaine, yet otherwise healthy baby).

Question 1: Is THAT possible?? Could she have tested positive from 'residue' on a Tylenol and then 4 days later still have it in her system? DHR says it was a 'low level' but still a positive, nonetheless.

Alrighty...so for the past 3 months she has been having random drug screens to monitor the safety of the child. And just a few weeks ago sis tested positive again! Her excuse this time is that she had been in my brother's (the crackhead) room and was barefooted and maybe she picked up residue off of his carpet.

Question 2: So can someone get residue off of the carpet and still test positive (again, a low level)???

More evidence is that now sis is also 'hiding' from the DHR so they can't find her to test her...saying she had been in his room and she's afraid to test positive again, because if she does she will lose the baby to the state after the 3rd positive drug test.

She is also a compulsive liar. She has stolen large amounts of money out of our grandmother's bank account with no explanation (she is grandma's power of attorney)...this is such a long story.

More evidence of her possibly being a drug user is that she was very VERY sick all the time during her pregnancy. (Withdrawals maybe as she was instinctively trying to protect her unborn child?) She also spends a great deal of time with our brother (the crackhead). (birds of a feather flock together, right?) She looks unhealthy and thin. Her house and car are trashy. Her other child, a son who is 14 also smokes pot, drinks, and is now serving a year in juvenile prison for running from the authorities after testing positive for pot. She hides him from authorities, and rebels against them as well, does not hold appointments with his JP Officer, lies to them and everyone else. She also did not keep all of her doctor's appointments when she was pregnant. She sleeps ...A LOT! She has a viscous temper.

She reminds me of my crackhead brother in so many ways. As the saying goes, it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, talks like a duck. ...it must be a duck, right?

Just wanted to get some opinions from those that are familiar with such.
Questions 1 and 2 - no way, no how. She couldn't have taken a Tylenol and still had it in her system 4 days later. And carpet residue? I used to live with a crack addict and one time when he got arrested, he said what the cops thought was crack was really doughnut crumbs (!). Like the cops wouldn't know the difference, especially with doughnuts (lol). Then a few months later I saw the episode of "Cops" (the tv show) and a guy they arrested told them it was doughnut crumbs! His lie wasn't even original.

As for your sister, she sounds a lot like my ex-boyfriend. And her poor, poor baby...your sister needs help and it sounds like maybe getting busted is the only way she may get it. Good for you for caring so much...I had to leave my ex because of his drug problems (he is currently serving 6 years in prison because of so many arrests, and he has 2 children [not mine] who won't see Daddy for 6 years). I hope & pray your sister will get the help she needs. And prayers for you too, to help you through as well.
Thank you all for your replies, advice and thoughts & prayers offered. This is so overwhelming to deal with sometimes. Right now the only people on the baby's safety plan with the DHR is me, the baby's father/sis's husband (who is as confused as I am about my sister's lies), and my mom who enables my brother's drug habit. When the DHR first became involved I suggested to them that my mother would not be the best candidate for a supervisor for the baby ...since she enables my brother's drug addiction, then why wouldn't she enable my sister's assuming she is an addict also? Since my sis's husband works he is not able to watch the baby of course while sis is at work. So that leaves my mom and I to watch her during the day. Right now my mom wants to 'handle it by herself'...meaning she doesn't want me to help with the responsibility of babysitting the baby. There's absolultely nothing wrong with my capabilities of handling a child - I am a stay-at-home-mom with a 5 & 3 yr old and am a faithful church-goer, a neat-freak and a health nut. But I just find it really odd that they don't want me to watch the baby.

I don't know if our mom is really 'in on the deceiving', since she is the one that was helping construe the lie and let my sis hide at her house from the DHR in the evenings after work so she can't be drug tested. Sis also informed her hubby that "if DHR finds out she has a job, everyone will be sorry." I don't know what that means. But the last time I talked to DHR I told them she had a job. But really I don't know if she's actually working or just 'hiding out somewhere', because she's only been working for 3 weeks or so.

Right now I'm really not sure what the truth is. From all the signs of it, my sis is a drug addict. I talked to my mom about this and she acts as if there is no way that sis could be a drug addict. But I feel like she is just saying that to 'protect her' and help cover up all the lies. Because if she were to come out and say "yes, she is a drug addict and I've known all along and I enable her" then she would have to admit that she knows that the Tylenol story is not true, the residue on the carpet story is no true, and everything else in between. She would have to come out and admit to all those lies herself. And then, during our conversation about my belief that sis is a drug addict, I really reinforced the fact that if sis doesn't get help soon for her drug problem then it may only be a matter of time before she fails another drug test and the baby is in the hands of the state (who will probably put her in her dad's custody) and who knows what happens after that. THEN mom broke down into tears and was going on and on about how the baby needs HER, her grandmother. As if she was almost admitting that if the truth be known then she wouldn't be able to see her either. As if she has this attachment issue with her baby granddaughter and is covering all the lies so SHE can see her and take care of her. It was just a really weird feeling I had like my mom has this personal agenda as to why she's covering up for this obviously drug addicted sister of mine. AND it really wouldn't surprise me if our mom is on drugs too....I just can't see how she's enable my brother for 3+ years and most likely enables my sis too, plus she is a very volatile person anyway.

Right now my mom isn't speaking to me because I told her that I am highly convinced that sis is a drug addict. I believe she isn't speaking because she realizes I know the truth and she can't argue with me or lie to me about it because it would only be more lies she would have to cover up. I think sometimes they have told so many lies that they are starting to believe them themselves!!!:confused: