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Methadone is the hardest opiate to come off of,
because is has a longer half life. The half life of any drug is
the chemicals abiliy to store inside your body, and thus...
once stop using, it takes longer to remove itsself from your system.

The process of withdrawl comes from the opiates providing
artificial chemicals to your body for an extended period of time when using, which are in larger quantites than your body would produce naturally. When using, your body becomes adjusted to this higher levels and your natural chemicals produced... such as the endorphines which are responsible for the euphoria and "good" feeling you experience from the drugs, these higher levels over time open up your opiate receptors in your brain and over time your body stops producing these vital chemicals naturally, and is being fed artificially by the pills. It affects every cell in your body, and chemically changes your body.

Addiction levels vary, depending on quantit taken and time period taken for.
Many lower level users can successfully WEEN themselves off the drugs if they have the will power to do so. It's a reverse process, just like you've stepped up the doseage over time. Now, you must commit to stepping down the doseage over time. Cold turkey isn't best for most people.

If you are a prescribed receiver, you have the meds on hand. You can do this. The goal: simply commit to starting this and not straying by any means. I feel this is the best way to come off any addicting meds.

For example somebody who is on 40mg of Methadone a day. 20mg in the morning, 20mg in the evening or close to it. Myself personally, did not notice any difference from when I took 40mg or 30mg a day... so start reducing at a comfortable place. I chose to start at 10mg at 11am, and 10mg at 6pm or so. To get your body used to this, you must stick with it... and be consistent. Two weeks of this.

Then, step down to 5mg at 11am, then 5mg at 6pm.
Again, 2 weeks of this. See how you feel, take vitamins, take
liquid Proten from GNC, take fish oil suppliments. Take Tylenol PM at night to help sleep if you feel restless. Chances are, you will be fine.
Eat normally, exercise.

After this see how low you can go? See if you can do 2.5mg twice a day...
or even 5mg ONCE a day. Again, you are reversing the process. Your brain will start producing the natural chemicals and endorphines.

Try skipping a day, 5mg.. every other day. See how you feel.
Keep this process up until you can stop for 3,4 days with little of NO withdrawl effects. Once you get down this low, if you can't stop completely...
then you can visit a clinic or doctor and ask about the Subutex and Suboxone tablets which will be the final step to coming off the meds
all together.

If you set your mind to it, you can do it. Weening down is by far
the best in my opinion. Try it, it might work for you like it did for me.