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Paula, thanks. Good days and bad days remain my mantra. Sounds like a cliche I know. Much of the pain has subsided from the operation but my knees are taking a beating as I am using them for bending instead of my back.

The chills come on after I have been sitting or lying for a while and then get up and walk around. My wife has checked my temperature - I'll ask her to check it again tonight but so far it's been normal. The plus is that I am now off Vicodin and just taking over-the-counter Tylenol. Sleeping at night though remains a problem. Lunesta gives me a major headache the next day and Tylenol PM makes me groggy when I wake up. I also think because I am not working or doing a lot of physical activitiy other than walking outside for a half hour each day, I am not sufficiently tired and that keeps me from falling asleep.

Two more days with the brace and I can toss that sucker. :)
Paula, my wife just took my temp and it slightly below normal. It was in the hospital as well during the joyous 4days I spent there. Yes, the chills could be the reuslt of Vicodin withdrawl.

My brace is a conventional nylon brace (looks kind of like a small saddle when it's laid out) with a hard plastic insert in the back. Even though I have two more days to go, I did not wear it around the house much today - I did put it on when I walked outside however. There is nothing really to adjust, just tightening straps with Velcro on the end.

I tried Ambien and it had a worse effect on me than Lunesta. Neither one keeps me asleep all night. Actually the best for me is plain old Tylenol PM except for the feeling of grogginess when I wake up. I really think part of the problem is that I am just not tired enough when I go to bed.

One thing I didn't get was a grabber!
Here I am again, after collapsing into a heap last night after that first trip out in the car. Maybe that's what you need to help you sleep? :cool:

Well, it looks like you're not running a fever, which is good. I'm guessing it's a withdrawal symptom. As I mentioned, I'm constantly changing the temperature on the air conditioner from warmer to colder to fan only to off. Come to think of it, there are times when I'm suddenly very cold and there's no clear reason why. My AC displays the current room temperature and yeah...suddenly I'm freezing and bundling under quilts. Wonder if it's just a reaction from the surgery and anesthesia? Not a Vicodin withdrawal symptom for me, since I'm still taking it. Hmmm... Since I still have a nurse coming twice/week because of the incision thing, and she takes my vitals every time she comes, I know there's no problem lurking. She's coming today, I think I'll ask her about this being cold stuff. My nurse specifically works on my doctor's patients so she's pretty much an expert on fusion recovery.

I both envy your being able to remove your brace, and the type of brace you have. Mine is a clamshell brace. I look like a turtle rather then a clam. It's an absolute joy to sleep in.

I will see my doctor on Friday for my first post-op and I will perhaps get permission to remove it to shower. This should have been last Friday but my doctor managed to break both his leg and ankle and has thus far required 4 surgeries. True to his nature, he was seeing patients at the office yesterday. It's gonna be real hard to complain about my back when I see him with his foot raised, on IV antibiotics, seeing patients. "Here sir, please fill out these Short Term Disability papers to keep me out to the end of the month." Oh yeah...

Anyway...get thyself a grabber! They can be found at some decent drug stores in the area of the store that sells walkers and stuff. They work beautifully and will relieve your knees from overuse and ultimately will be better for your back since you won't be tempted to bend a bit to give your knees a break. They're also really nifty for putting on pants without bending or asking for help. I have 2 grabbers and keep them at opposite ends of the house. Just about the only time I deep knee bend is when I'm in the middle of the house and just don't want to walk to an end for a grabber, or it's the sort of thing a grabber doesn't work well for - like pushing a button on the DVD player.

Yes, I understand what you mean about Ambien. As you can see, it didn't keep me asleep all night either. You're probably right, lack of activity is most likely a part of why you can't sleep all night and Vicodin withdrawal is possibly adding to it. You may have no choice but to put up with the grogginess from Tylenol PM and plan your morning accordingly (since you have no place to go yet.)

But Kraigster, for the most part it sounds like you're recovering very very well!

I am too, except for this continuing problem with the last 2 inches of my incision. I am now on my second course of antibiotics to make sure it doesn't infect while it's trying to heal. This is all so sad, because the other 10 inches of my incision healed beautifully (or so I'm told, hard to see.)
[QUOTE=paula456;3677044]Good article, and thanks! Although I don't think we fall under the category of addiction yet (I wasn't taking that much before surgery because I had to work, and since I work in banking operations, I had to be able to think) I've also been able to reduce the frequency of my dosage now. However, I'm certain we've been taking it long enough to pick up at least some of the withdrawal symptoms, like insomnia.

Hopefully it won't last long.

25 years ago, when I had my laminectomy, I had been taking codeine (no Vicodin in those days) for pain both before and after surgery. After surgery my doctor told me the best way to get off the codeine was to reduce my dosage a bit at a time. Perhaps that would help?

Right you are Paula. I don't think we qualify as Vicodin addicts but yes to the effects on sleeping and cause of my headaches, chills, etc. . I tried to gradually get off the stuff - from 4 a day to 3 a day, down to 1 a day. Monday, I stopped taking it completely and switched to non-prescription Tylenol. Still, I guess there was/is enough of the stuff in my body to cause problems, etc.

The good news is that my surgeon has given me the green light for a cigar in two weeks. Oh how I miss that! Maybe he'll let me have one or two a week. Strictly for medicinal purposes of course.
Thanks Paula (note username change). Last night I didn't take any Tylenol PM, Lunesta, nada. I didn't sleep a wink. I don't know what the heck is going on but I suspect it could be classic Vicodin withdrawal. This morning I feel miserable and for the first time, I don't have the energy to go outside and walk. To be perfectly frank, I feel like [email protected]#$. Richard
[QUOTE=paula456;3679501]Richard, I hope you were able to sleep last night.

2 hours of sleep in my bed and I woke up and left for the hospital bed in pain. The Eurotop on my mattress seems to be too hard for me to tolerate sleeping in the brace for long. I'll try to move the tempurpedic topper from the hospital bed to my mattress and see if that helps. I never thought I'd say the thin rubber coated hospital bed mattress would be better then my bed.

However, the body pillows did help. Need to get this down because someone will eventually say they want the hospital bed returned, like my insurance.

Paula, sorry to hear that it wasn't a complete success sleeping in your own bed. I hope things get better soon. We are all in this together.

Eureka! I slept last night. I took my walk at around 8 pm instead of in the moring, took a two Tylenol PM's at 9:30 pm, hit the sack at around 10:15 and I slept until 6:30 am this morning. What a difference. Maybe the tide has turned.