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Meghan.. I love the idea of a fast forward button, but then I guess I wouldn't learn anything. I am trying to "take care". I had a good conversation with my hubby last night about how he feels (just to make sure he is handling things). He thinks I need to stop worrying about everything around the house and sit tight and get better. My friend who has been helping with the baby also agrees. Then to get your message which says about the same thing.. I guess I should try to be better at it! I am feeling really good. I only take tylenol a couple of times a day, and the flexiril one to two times a day. Better than even before surgery. My shoulders burn sometimes. My neck hurts sometimes too, but not so bad I can't handle it. But of course that is if I am doing nothing. Even if I am up and around for too long I start to hurt. I guess that is reason enough to knock it off!

I do have a neck pillow but for some reason I never thought to use it! I will pull that out and give it a try.

I am glad you are doing better. I wish you were all better. But I supposed it takes time. I guess we are in this life to learn patience. I am much like my grandmother who said, "grant me patience and grant it to me NOW!" LOL.