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It's good to hear from you again but I'm sorry you're in so much pain...physically and, what seems to be, emotionally. (because you're back on the hydro)

I agree with emsmom...I think you have to take a long look at why you're taking the norco. Just be honest with yourself. Why not toss them all right now and take extra strength Tylenol or Motrin? Or ask the dr. for something non-narcotic. You know the pain from the surgery will go away soon...can you try a heating pad? Anything but the hydro.

I feel for you, Trophy. You were doing so good...I know you can get back on track. I know it! And you know yourself, the longer you take the pills, the harder it will be to stop.

I'm sorry for your grandfather. I wish him a quick recovery....as I do you.

Hugs and prayers,