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Hello Everyone
To Start Off-I just had open heart surgery 12 weeks ago for severe mitral valve damage-they a originally thought that it was endocarditis and had me on 9 weeks of IV antibiotics before the surgery. After the surgery they said that there was no infection in the valve as originally thought-but severe damage-about to have heart failure.
Before that I had been sick for 2 years with fever, which gradually got higher and higher, pain-especially lower right abdominal pain and joint pain, especially knee. Extreme fatigue-I just feel like I have the flu everyday.
My main other symptom is pschological. Depression,severe anxiety and I am beginning to have memory loss, etc. I feel like I am developing alzheimers. Note I am only 30 years old-I am not saying I have alzheimers-that is just the way I feel-I am having a hard time spelling and communicating-which I used to be very good at.
My current fever averages 102 on Tylenol, ibuprofen etc. I have floaters in my eyes.

I used to be an avid hiker-outdoors girl-So yes I was bitten by ticks. But I have also read it can be transmitted by mosquitos.
I have lived in Florida for 4 years-and I am from NC before that.

After my surgery I was on 3 weeks of IV Rosephin and oral Doxycylcline and I kind of got better-like my symptoms were getting better-I still had low grade fever. But now it is getting out of hand again. I can not tell you how hard it is to write this-something that used to be so easy and should be easy. I also need to mention that I have-darn I just came here to edit this and I can't remember what I was going to say. I want to scream!
The doctors have basically given up on me-I am a mystery case. I just remembered that I lost half of my tooth yesterday-which is highly unusual-i take very good care of my teeth-you can tell it is just rotted out-it just adds to my pain!

If anyone can help me it would be appreciated.