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So my 2 year old (26 months) is just like me as a child. She's not affraid of anything, runs and climbs on everything. When she falls down she is one of those kids that gets up and brushes herself off and goes back for more. She's full of energy and is really a joy even if it can be a bit much at times.

A few weeks ago she was running in the house (as usual). I did my usual "walk don't run" and at the same moment she fell and landed right on her face. She was hysterical (which you know with a child like mine means she's hurt). Her mouth was bleeding but we couldn't see where it was coming from. I got her some ice and the bleeding slowed and eventually stopped. When i called her doctor I was told there wasn't much they could do. They asked if her teeth were okay and from what we could tell (trying to wiggle them and such) they seemed fine. They said she most likely tore that little bit of skin between the lip and the gum up top and that it will heal. I gave her tylenol and all was good.

Well, yesterday we were playing and being silly. She let out this huge belly laugh with her mouth wide open and I noticed that one of her front teeth is a little discolored, especially up by the gum. I tried to touch it to see if it wiggled, but she doesn't like things like that (what 2 year old does?). My husband said he noticed a couple of days ago but didn't think to mention it to me (which really ticked me off!).

So I made a few phone calls and was told she most likely killed the tooth since baby teeth don't have any roots. I was also told it will fall out well before it should because of this meaning she will not have a tooth for a fairly long time. :(

Have any of you had this happen to your child? How long did it take for the tooth to actually fall out? Did the permanent one grown in any quicker (wishful thinking on my end)? I feel like such a bad mom for this.