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My wife had LSH in July of 2006. In her case the surgeon removed only her uterus leaving both ovaries and her cervix. She checked into the hospital at 8:30 AM, surgery was completed shortly after noon, and she was in our car on her way home at 5:30 PM. She spent the next two days resting and just watching TV taking only half of the prescribed pain killers. By the third day she was just taking regular dosage of Tylenol and within a week was taking nothing. Two weeks post-op she was back at work. In retrospect it couldn't have gone much better, probably text book if there is such a thing. Two years later she's had not one residual complication from the procedure. Over the two years she's recommended her doctor and the procedure to at least six other co-workers and friends. Three of them followed through with the same doctor with the same good result. Unfortunately this wonderful doctor has contracted Parkinson's at the end of last year and has had to retire from medical practice.