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My 12-year-old daughter will not swallow a pill. She has tried in the past, but it's like the pill (Advil or Tylenol) just sits on the back of her tongue and if she does start to swallow she gags. She's afraid she will choke. We've tried practicing with mini-M&Ms and various other things the dr. suggested. Luckily, she is thin and kind of small cause right now she can still take children's fever and pain reducer liquids and chewables. Soon, however those won't be appropriate for her anymore. Wondered if anyone else had experienced this with their children, and if so, how you handled it. Any suggestions at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
We finally got my daughter to take a pill (Hooray). Actually, it wasn't us, it was the nurse at her school. She had a headache and was told all they had was ibuprofen in a small pill. Somehow, she took the pill with Sprite by putting it in the back of her throat and down it went. We had told her the back-of-the-throat thing tons of times. I think partly cause it was someone besides her parents, and she didn't want to be embarrassed. She was so proud of herself I think that helped her headache. The next day she needed one at home, but had no luck getting it down. We're getting there though, and I still have a stash of children's Tylenol. Hopefully, she won't need to take anything very often, but I will bring out the M&M's again just to practice. At least she is not as afraid now and knows she can do it and won't choke. Again, thanks for all the advice. By the way, I had never heard the humming one. That was right up her alley cause she LOVES to sing so humming comes with the territory. This Board is a GREAT place for advice!! :)
My grandmother would smash the pill and mix it with applesauce. Honestly, there are other alternatives if you are feeling under the weather that to take Tylenol or Advil. All medicines like that do not cure or heal you, only the body can do that with proper vitamins, minerals and herbs.