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Hi gopackgo~

Sounds like you made it through it great!! I'm happy to hear that. If the normal pressure is 20 and your at 29. I wouldn't say thats incredibly high, so thats good. But it could mean somethings going on. Maybe it was higher and the medication you were prescribed lowered it too?

Waiting for the results can be very frustrating. I hope the time passes fast for you. Keep buisy in the meantime to help the time go by.

My headache and neck pain following the LP was so bad, morphine didn't touch it so feel very fortunate that tylenol is doing the trick!! Try to rest until your feeling more yourself. Find a good book to read;)

Let us know how you make out

Take care

Hi Gopackgo~

I'm so sorry your having to deal with the pain from this. So many go through it with no incident. Is the pain really bad? Is the tylenol doing the trick still?

For me, it was a life changing event. The day following my Lp I couldn't even lift my head up of the bed, the pain was so bad. So I was told that I had the lovely infamas spinal headache. I spent the weekend in the hospital on morphine. The pain was in my head, my neck and traveled down to my fingertips.

When my neurologist that ordered the Lp came in to see me in the hospital, I explained what had happened and the extreme pain I was experiencing. He has a trainee with him and his words to him was "don't ever under estimate the power of a spinal headache".

They did the blood patch and sent me home the next morning. Though my pain was lessened, my life was now differant for me. I live with pain in my head, neck and pretty much the rest of my body every day.

Because of this, I was able to finally get my chiari diagnosis. Though your condition or diagnosis may differ, I was told with chiari NO spinal taps because it messes with the CFS fluid and pressure. Sort of a cork bottle effect. It pushes the brain further down into the spine, crushing the nerves. So with the pseudotumor cerebri, does this happen as well? I'm not sure. But I figured I'd pass this along because every bit of knowledge may be helpful.

If your pain is really bad, i would definately go to the ER and inquire about a blood patch. If its managable, a call to the ordering Dr tomorrow is not a bad idea.

I hope you feel better:angel: