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I just posted this on the Infant Care board, but since my daughter is 17 months, I realize maybe I should post on this board for advice from people with older children who may have some ideas what is going on.

My 17 month old daughter is now going through a phase where she isn't sleeping well at night. She cries and I go in to check and sometimes she's still sleeping while crying and then sits up crying pretty hard. It takes a moment or two to console her and then she's back down, but some nights this goes on for hours. Last night she was crying every 15 minutes all night through. Any thoughts - could it be 2 year molars? Habit? The change in her naps during the day? Nightmares (although that may initially wake her up, I don't think it would keep her up all night)? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I should mention, she has had an occassional runny nose - no cough, no fever. She has been fussier during the day, but I'm not sure if that's just the age she's at as well. I gave her Tylenol last night at one point when she woke up in case it was her teeth and it didn't seem to help.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
she could be cutting molars or other teeth.... tylenol never did anything for my girls when they were teething.... i always give ibuprofen for teeth.

it could also be that she has an ear infection. you might want to have her doctor check out her ears.

you mentioned a change in her naps? what kind of change? if she is getting less sleep, she might just be overtired and that would make it hard for her little body to settle down into a good sleep at night. my two year old gets restless at night if she misses her nap.... sometimes she'll wake up every twenty to thirty minutes all night long!!!

i'd bet on ear infection or molars first though.... hope this helps!