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Hi, I have another question. I'll be 6 months post-op tomorrow from my acdf. I find out if I'm fused yet next Thursday. Regardless of whether or not I'm fused yet, at 6 months it's suppose to be fine to return to taking anti-inflammatories, isn't it? My NS never told me to avoid them, I learned that here [removed] and stopped at 3 months when I did. I've been using OTC tylenol most days and Rx meds on the harder days, instead. I prefer the anti-inflam to tylenol and am eager to go back to using them instead (or even to switching off between tylenol and motrin). Am I correct in remembering that 3-6 months post-op was the time frame to avoid NSAID's? ---(and yes, I know I messed up by not being off of them the first 3 months --I tried to 'catch up' by stopping these last 3).
Thank you again everyone.
weird! It was a post by me months ago that prompted the one I just responded to about NSAID's, lol. Well, I did fuse, thankfully, despite the 3 months of taking ibuprofren before I knew any better -and I'm still taking tylenol now, but sometimes ibuprofren instead to just mix it up a bit (hubby recently had a bleeding ulcer that left him hospitalized, so I've been leaning more toward the tylenol of late just out of superstition).
Thanks to everyone who responded -it's weird to get answers later on, but the information learned is always welcome with spinal issues being ongoing. And, yes it was a flexion/extension series of x-rays, Marcia (I'll never forget them b/c I wasn't quite ready for some of it at the time, esp the wide open mouth one, that was hard for me). I'm having another cervical MRI next week, too, for other problems (pulsations that won't go away) and that may even show it also (even though it's not as good as the flex/ext), but it's suppose to definitely be fused by the x-rays in October (which is a nice feeling to have -or thing to know, I must say). I had permanent nerve damage to my hands and arms, so the fusion didn't help me there, but it prevented more loss and more damage and I'm so grateful for that. I do have a weird sound and sensation when I do my PT neck exercises (and cannot do the full set of them b/c of it), but it's not like that when I do other things and I don't know if I'd describe it as 'grinding'. My neck was fixed, but will also always be imperfect, I guess, and I may have dinged something else with that pulsating thing going on --will know soon. I wish I didn't have the permanent nerve damage, really wish it, but am so glad the bigger risks are gone now b/c of the surgery. I'm in occupational therapy now as well as physical, to help with doing things differently since my arms and hands aren't going to get any better. I really like it and am learning some great 'tricks'.
Thanks everyone.