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I had a laparoscopic, vaginal hysterectomy, using a computer-enhanced surgical robot. (Say that 3 times fast!) Surgeon took my ovaries, uterus, and my cervix, through my vagina. The top of the vagina was sewn from the inside. I have 6 'puncture-type' incisions on my abdomen, with dissolvable stitches on the surface. I was in the hospital overnight. I had moderate pain for about 4-5 days, the pain mostly in my abdomen muscles when I'd try to get up from a lying down position. I didn't need prescription meds. I took Tylenol. The muscle pain subsided gradually in the 2nd week. (The itchy stitches drove me nuts.) My recovery time: a total of 18 days, and I'm back to golfing! I'm 65 years young!