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Hi Sandi, Is it common? I don't know if it's in the majority or not (I suspect, yes), but I know it can definitely go hand-in-hand with back problems. I had trouble sleeping for a year and a half to two before my back problems during the day became severe enough to send me to the doc (I didn't connect the night pain -thought it was my mattress). I still have trouble, since surgery, at night if I don't sleep on my side (new mattress, btw) with a pillow between my knees -and perfectly on my side, no sliding forward or back so I'm slanted. Also, I have the hip pain, too -bursitis in my hips. If your hip pain is due to bursitis you can take anti-inflammatories &/or have a steroid shot from your doc. Also, I switch sides during the night to alleviate pressure on any one hip ('any', lol, as if there's more than two of them). I'd go in to your doc to see if you have bursitis or other hip issues as well as having your back checked out again. I'm assuming that you have a good mattress that isn't too old/in need of replacement. If not, I'd definitely look into getting a new mattress -or turning yours if you haven't turned it in a while. I will always stay on top of having my mattress replaced before it wears out from now on. Oh, and I do take pain medication at night, but I no longer use prescription pills at night, just otc night tylenol to help with the pain, should I slilp out of position or go to bed already having issues. If I don't sleep in exactly the correct position at night, I have a lot of trouble b/c of that.
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[QUOTE=sandi23;3761694]can anybody tell me if this is common - when i go to bed really tired i sleep then a couple of hours later tossing and turning, pain in hips and cannot lay on my back as really hurts when trying to turn over - had this for months ( had prolapse disc 3 years ago. Any comments really appreciated.