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Ok, i know i need help but i dont know where to go to get it, what kind of doctor or health person....please help me with some suggestions or opinions!! For the past 4-5 years i've been getting tired soooo easy. I get up in the morning and have breakfast and take care of my animals and younger siblings but by about 11am iam just worn out almost to point where i cant focus or do much at all and its starting to scare me. Also this happens everytime after i eat a meal or even a snack, i just get so tired i cant do anything but lay down for 30-40 min at least. I'm only 22 years old, to young to be doing this, i know something is obviously not right in my body....but what is it and how can i change it?? A lady at the drugstore said maybe i have to much yeast in my body and to try less or no wheat and bread type products and a detox tea, i did both for a while and it didnt help :(....i'm not sure what to do next. Oh and by the way caffine does not effect me in any way, tried that to, in green tea and energy drinks, didnt do anything for me at all. Also my body is weird like when i take tylenol PM it makes me the same or more awake, not sleepy!! yea, so anyone else having similar issues? Please help if u can....thanks. :confused: