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Had total knee replace 10/7, for last 2 weeks was in phys rehab facility. Came home yesterday. There I was given oxycodone 5 mg twice a day. Had one yesterday a.m. before discharge. My knee pain doesn't need it any more-knee doing well. Last night I tried to go to bed without taking it, and just couldn't get to sleep at all. Took 2 x-str tylenol at midnight, finally got up at 2 am and took one. Even in the rehab, I only got sleep in 2 hour bits, and am exhausted. I think it also acts as a diuretic on me - have to P every 2 hrs. Not even to mention what it has done to my bowels and makes me feel queasy all the time! I just need to sleep so badly.

I go back to Dr on Thurs 10/30, and wish I could be off it like NOW!

Do things like tylenol pm which has benedryl in it, I think, help with sleeping, or any herbal teas? Any advice appreciated.

If you've only taken the oxy for 2 weeks at such a low dose there really isn't a reality of being dependant on it already. If you're having trouble sleeping, you could try some tylenol pm or advil pm, or benadryl, or if you prefer the herbal route there's Valerian route. Seriously though at that dose over such a short term the risk of dependency is pretty much non-existent.